Raindrops Resorts Wayanad

Discover Unlimited Beauty

Wild and naturally beautiful, the resort is nestled amidst coffee plantations and surrounded by paddy fields. The place is pure heaven for city dwellers looking to enjoy the rhythm and tranquility of nature. Spread over 3 Acres, these exclusively designed kerala style cottages are a unique fusion of traditional architecture and modern facilities. The Raindrops Resorts Experience Where nature is loved, preserved and celebrated, where every path and cottage is placed so as to retain every tree, vine and bush in its original place. The paths bearing the print of the leaves overhead, where cottages are built around trees which share the floor and roof, with lamps made of paddy stem, blinds made of bamboo and wall lights reflecting the flora and fauna around, where the call of birds and the chirping of crickets is ever present to relax your mind and body.